Welllllllllll we're not voting in the actual result, but if you'd like some fun, have a vote in our own private poll and we'll see if we can double guess the judges - just for fun.


While we're at it - which of these nominees have you read?

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Not read any of the nominated books - Barry Maitland and Michael Rowbowtham are the only authors that are readily available in the UK. I have read "Saving Billie" by Peter Corris and "Dragon Man" by Gary Disher very recently. So your good work on your site has won a convert to Oz crime fiction (also read Shane Moloney, Claire Mcnab, Peter Temple)(!)

Once The Cleaner and Diamond Dove are available in the UK, I will buy them.
Laura - a friend of mine on another list mentioned the other day that she was able to buy Peter Temple and Shane Maloney via bookdepository in the UK - so once they rise again from the floods over there you might get some joy with them or with Amazon.co.uk


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