For those of you that haven't popped in lately, you might want to head over to the forum to check out all the discussions. I've made some changes to the way posts are displayed, so it might seem like nothing is happening.

It is, though, just in a different place.


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I kind of miss the old forum format on the front page. Am I the only one?

Having all the forum discussions listed is nice (ie--the way it is now). I used to hate it when older chats got lost or you had to hunt around for them, but the way the listing is now, the titles aren't enough to entice me to click on them as much as before. Maybe if a brief summary could be included under the title, like the way the forum front page used to be--that might help teach an old dawg new tricks, Danny boy.

But I love your CS creation and I tell people about it all the time. Keep up the good work!!
I agree Jordan. There's been a lot less discussion since the format change too. There used to be at least two or three new topics a day, but now there are topics which were started months ago still on the top spot. There's nothing wrong with that, but the lack of new topics makes the forum age quickly.

Although, there have been more members joining lately.

I think the forum space on the front page is kind of wasted, since they are all related to site maintenance. There's the welcome to crimespace thread, which is redundant given that there is already a welcome box on the top left. I think the space was better used when it highlighted the latest forum topics.

Just my opinion though.
Alrighty, then. I tried it; it was okay, but the old ways was better. Now I'll try ten posts on the front page.
A girl just can't keep up with the happenings in Daniel Land!
I definitely want to avoid rearranging the furniture on a regular basis like they do in department stores, but this one had some reasoning behind it. I hope to remain the solid rock of stability that you know me to be.

Tee hee.
Having been the person who does that rearranging, I can tell you it's because the store gets new products in and has to adjust accordingly, and sometimes seasonally.


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