Excellent Crimespace news today. Ning has added some much asked for features to the network.

  • Email messages can only be sent to friends or network administrators.
  • Friend requests can only be sent to members on the same network as you.

These two features should cut down dramatically on spam. And if spamming does occur within Crimespace, members are a warning and a button click away from removal of membership.

For those of you that have unwanted friends outside Crimespace or your other networks on Ning, feel free to remove those members from your friends list.

  • Improved search results.

Since the site is still indexing all the pages, you'll have to wait for these to show up, but I'm hoping it'll be easier to find that particular post that you've been racking your brain over for the last couple of days.

There's a product idea: a brain rack.

  • You can now see which members are online.
  • Proper tracking statistics have been added.

Now I have the ability to spy on all of you in detail and gleefully harass those of you who I know are chained to your computers, just like me.

In all seriousness, it will be handy to know where people are coming from and what the peak times are, so I can pick good times to check in on Crimespace. Also, when I make changes to the layout, I can see if those changes actually help the place.

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I haven't had much of a spam problem but I know others have had, so kudos to Ning and to Daniel for keeping up with all this techno-gadgetry. I'll enjoy the improved search, too, I'm sure. While I'm at it, let me say thanks for tweaking the front page and forum - I think you came up with a good format to encourage conversation.

Donna, your hall-of-mirrors spam is right up there with Mrs. Sese Seko and her offspring for amusement value.
Thanks, Daniel.
Yes, thanks, Daniel. The site looks a lot better.
LOL! Now you're gonna know how much time I REALLY waste hanging out when I should be working on that dratted novel.
Hey, it won't be just me. EVERYONE will know! ;)
You're welcome, all, but there's no need to thank me. Ning did most of the work, I just clicked my mouse button a few times.

Now, off to work on my Brain Rack patent...


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