Crimespacers, I need your help.
I'm a reporter that does a weekly Q&A column with an author and while I normally try to keep columns ready to go for several weeks out, I have depleted my stash.
I need three or four authors (no self-published/vanity-published authors... sorry... that's my editor's requirement) who are willing to be in the hot seat for a Q&A about their books, their writing process, etc. If you go to my page, you'll find links to past victims.
The incentive? The local library here pulls the titles they have from authors featured in a column for a special display table.
If you are interested, leave me a comment or send me a message please!

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Sure, I'm game.
I'd love to join in, whenever you're short of people.
just wanted to say that bethany is a sweetheart and does a lot to promote writers -- things i'm sure we don't even always know about.
Other things I do to promote writers in addition to the interviews?
Does the incessant chattering to friends about the latest/greatest/coolest book I'm reading right now count?
Count me in. Sounds like fun.
For those of you that replied... thanks bunches!
I've got enough victim (er participants) to carry the column through September right now, so I'm going to close off the self-nominations. But, I'll likely open it up again in the future! Keep your eyes peeled.
For the interviews I've gotten through CrimeSpace, I'll put them up on my blog here when they run so everyone can see.
If you ever decide to do an interview in which all questions pertain to all things Joss Whedon, I'm your girl. Other than that, I got nothin'.
Love interviews. Will wait for the next batch. :)
Bethany, my book comes out in March '08, so it that's not too far in the future, I would be game. Or maybe you can file me away for early next year. There is an email link on my website, which you can find on my Crimespace page. Hope to hear from you.
I'd love to be considered, Bethany. I have a new book coming out Oct. 2, so I have plenty to talk about. Check out my page here or for any more info, or feel free to email me.
Congrats on making Washington Post, Jon. That's fabulous.
Once I get something out that's not self-published, I'd love to do this. I'll have to check out your column in the meanwhile.


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