[Edit: I've split this discussion into two, one for the story, one for discussion of said story - this is the discussion discussion]

Writing a snippet of a story in another forum, I was reminded how fun that can be. So, I thought I'd suggest a collaborative story thread. Anyone can post the next installment, provided they didn't write the previous one, and each post should be a maximum of 100 words.

If you want to give it a go, I'd suggest writing off-line and then posting when you're done. Hopefully, that'll avoid the scenario of finding out someone else has replied to the previous post only after you hit the submit button.

Of course, I don't know if anybody will be up for this or where it'll go if they are, but I've tried to come up with a suitably open and suggestive beginning:

Gregory Malone drummed his fingers on the steering wheel as the persistent rain drummed against his windshield. The neon of the diner beyond the crossroads tempted him with grease and cholesterol, but he couldn’t succumb. He had to wait.

More rain fell. Gregory began to doze. Insubstantial dreams of Elona danced before his eyes until the world went bang and instantly became a much shorter place.

The car’s collapsed roof pinned Gregory against the steering wheel. With difficulty, he turned his head. Hanging beyond the shattered side window was an arm, blood and rainwater dripping from the fingertips.

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Great idea Vincent! Jools and I will send our efforts when we get home from Edinburgh tonight. We might be a bit worse for wear, but that can only improve MY writing.
Lawks, were you at the festival? I hope we're getting a report if you were. Apologies if you said, I hadn't twigged. After reading your autobiography, I know that however worse for wear you are when you get in, a quick cocktail and a griddled peacock snack will pep you up in no time.
We went to see Ray Banks and Campbell Armstrong. I've done a ...well...nothing so fancy as a report, but a couple of pics and a few words on my blogthingy. I'm going back on Monday to see Al Guthrie and Stuart MacBride. It was good to have Jools here - we had a nice girly chat. And it's bloody NOT an autobiography. Just because she has a big nose and worries about her weight...sheesh :o)
I got the ball rolling. Sorry, but there was a bit of plagiarism involved. ;)
At least I can leave someone else to come up with significance of the rusty axe :-)


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