stuff that isn't research? I'm sitting here today writing like mad and I have some great (crime) novels to read. I find I feel reluctant to put the writing to the side however. And yes, I know I'm a total nutcase--when I take a break it's rarely a break as such. I know I need to read, but I hate to take the time! Please go easy on me!

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Yes, that makes a lot of sense. what bugs you as a reader?!
I also think it's important to keep reading. But what you read and when is individual. When I'm writing fiction, I tend to avoid reading fiction. It might just be paranoia but I worry that some of what I'm reading might creep into what I'm writing. So when I'm working on a novel I tend to read only non-fiction. I save fiction for when I'm editing or doing research, writing non-fiction or traveling. I usually write some fiction at all those times as well - "it's a muscle, use it or lose it", someone said that - but the fiction writing at those times isn't as serious as when I sit down to write a novel.
very good. I love non fiction. i was addicted to true crime books for years! Ann Rule and many others. then I got into the books like Mind of a serial killer--gebarth is it? I still enjoy books by criminal psychologists. You know what started all of this I think--a number of years ago I was working as a secretary in a hospital and one of the doctors (knew my mania for reading psychology) gave me a library card to the library there and I poured over documents and case histories of all kinds of criminal psychopaths--the cases were fascinating. interesting that you don't read novels when you're writing but non fiction. i'll mull that over too! many thanks.
thank you. I agree. good point.
Okay, Angela!
I just spent the time since my reply reserving novels at my library. Going to read Michael Connelly, reading Mark Billingham--Lawrence Block for next week and raiding my own book case for James Patterson, Ed McBain and a host of others. I guess I got into a kind of neurotic rut. NO I AM THE GREAT GENIUS, HARD AT WORK ON MY NOVEL AND I HAVE NO TIME FOR ANYTHING ELSE! what a load of bovine effluence! taking excellent advice. i shall keep you updated!
I agree with most of the comments on this thread. You have to read. You have to know what's out there and what other people are reading now. If you haven't read much crime since WIlkie Collins you're not going to be able to write what today's readers want. I tried writing a Fantasy book once - you know, all magic and swords. My crime writing career wasn't going anywhere so I thought I'd try to break into a new genre. In order to write Fantasy, I knew that I had to read a lot. I eventually gave up on my own Fantasy novel because I just couldn't stand reading any more of that bunk (apologies to all Fantasy readers and writers out there - It's a matter of taste). Stephen King said it best - If you want to be a writer you have to do two things - you have to write and you have to read.
I find though, Vicki that when I'm writing, I find it hard to focus on fiction! someone wrote yesterday that he reads non fiction when he writes. I think I can relate to that. i can and have read fiction all of my life. starting with Exodus at age 11, and so on--two novels a week usually. but when i got to the stage where I was working for eight plus hours on writing my novel, i found reading fiction increasingly difficult. perhaps i will just try to perservere. thanks for your reply. I do take your point.
didn't wilkie c write woman in white? I'm not that old. but I take your point. I tried fantasty too! bought the Terry Pratchett Fantasy writer's reference book, excellent book by the way. I see your point. but aren't you tempted (i wish I could do this--) to write a sinister Harry Potter? a story about a boy who is the son of evil conjurors who can bring the dead back and everything. he looks like a normal teenager, but he isn't! i wish! i really would do it for so many reasons, most of them evil and cynical (I admit it!)


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