Lots of nifty updates to Crimespace came through on Saturday night, courtesy of the fine folks at Ning. Here they are in crime fiction's favourite format, bullet points:

  • Latest Activity: this is now on the main page and every member page. It's a quick and easy way to see what's been happening on Crimespace. Who's talking to who, who's posting and other tasty tidbits of Crimespace trivia.
  • Forum Improvements: you can now follow discussion and blog comments via email notifications even if you didn't post the initial content. You can also choose to be notified whenever a new discussion is added to your network's Discussion Forum. In addition, Network Creators and Administrators (as well as the person that started the post) can now close any discussion to prevent further replies.
  • Layout changes: with the addition of the latest activity feature and now control over the right sidebar, I've tweaked the layout to fit my compulsion for symmetry and, hopefully, readability. Bear with me if I tweak a little further over the next few days.
  • Podcasts: one of Crimespace's own, Angie Johnson-Schmit, has started up a crime fiction podcast called In For Questioning, with the first interviewee being yours truly, Daniel Hatadi. I've pointed the music player on the main page to the podcast, just so I can hurt all your ears with my inane babble about starting up Crimespace and writing songs about dead rubber chickens. Next week's interview will be with Cornelia Read, and as soon as I find a way to combine multiple podcasts, I'll add Noircast.net to the player.
  • Enjoy!

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I've been enjoying the new features today, Daniel. Great work!
love the new features!
All you need to do is make sure the button at the bottom of your reply says "don't follow" when you post a response. It took me a while to figure out, too. And yes, it can be a bit much!
Does this account for the 39 e-mails in a few hours? Yes, I know I can turn it off, but sometimes I may want to know. I'm still debating this issue.
There are some options in your Privacy and Email settings, right at the bottom, that can stop the emails if you choose that way.


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