In your opinion, what's the best new crime show this season?

My vote goes to NBC's CHUCK, starring Zachary Levi as an electronics store techie whose brain is bombarded with thousands of state secrets when a rogue spy sends him an e-mail. Adam Baldwin and Yvonne Strahovski star as agents from the NSA and CIA respectively tasked with recovering said secrets. It's nicely unclear which agency has the better motive.

The least original show of the new season IMO is NBC's JOURNEYMAN. (I say this as a big fan of QUANTUM LEAP and a modest fan of TRU CALLING.) Unlike QUANTUM LEAP, JOURNEYMAN is short on backstory. Hero Dan Vassar (Kevin McKidd) blacks out and starts tripping through time without warning. Very disorienting to me. This is one I'll skip.

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I agree LIFE is unfolding well. It may need some ratings help, though, as last night's episode came in fourth behind ABC's DIRTY SEXY MONEY. On the other hand, no new series is a clear hit yet.
I adore Pushing Daisies! It's like nothing else on TV and is such a cute, colorful, almost theatrical mystery/crime show. I like how it's all balanced out by Emerson Cod the grumpy no-nonsense PI.
CHUCK and LIFE have been picked up for the rest of the season while JOURNEYMAN is reportedly close to being canceled.
Yeah, have to chime in about Life, and Journeyman. I suspect the first has more than the other, but I really like J-man. It's the sci-fi kid in me. The main character in Life makes it all work, and J-man just keeps getting deeper and deeper with the potential to really spiral into areas regular TV hasn't seen in some time--in the sci-fi genre at least. I'd guess Twin Peaks deep ..... But none of these new ones can hold the dirty socks of The Wire.

I haven't seen Chuck. I'll give it a whirl, it just looked like another My Name is Earl to my eye off the cuff. But I'll check it out.


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