As a way of celebrating the joining of the 1000th member, Crimespace is proud to open its first short story competition. The plan is to run this heist every year, with the entries being crime fiction based around a theme.

To kick it off, this year's theme is 'Australia'.

How you include it is up to you. Your story could be set in Australia, have an Australian character in it, or simply mention Australia somewhere in the story. Hell, even including an Aussie cultural icon such as Vegemite will do. Entries must be no more than 2,500 words, including the title.

Get cracking. The deadline is January 31st, 2008.

Details, prizes and rules can be found here.

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this will be fun...
This is most excellent. And I love the theme.
Well, 18th century Australia? Perhaps prison colony stuff. Can ripped bodices be noir? Perhaps with a few of Donna Moore's names thrown in.
Sure, sounds good. But crime fiction isn't necessarily noir ...

I can't wait for the first entry that uses Vegemite.
oy, that was going to be my title mate.....the vegemite vindication....but i have decided to pass......feel free to use it if you want....hah hah.
No vegemite in the 18th century. I know it's a weird kind of spread but it sounds like one of the slicing and dicing mechanisms sold on TV in the pre-dawn hours: "And that's not all, folks . . ."
I've got a jar of the stuff on my shelf. Haven't been brave enough to try it yet, though.
Can it be Foster's beer. Daniel?
Sure. But you must know that no one in Australia drinks that beer, not since the 80s. The standard beer now would be VB, or Victoria Bitter. :)


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