I'm so uncomfortable with the Crimespace logo - that gun pointing at me all the time really does give me the willies. While it's a very good logo, maybe it's just that I'm from DonwUnder and we don't have much of a gun culture, but honestly, I wish there was a way to "hide" the logo.

Is it just me?

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Hmm. I mostly tune it out. I don't know who designed it, but it was you fellow Aussie, Daniel Hatadi, who put it there.
I honestly never gave the logo a second thought, however, I can see where it could actually affect others who are more sensitive. The logo equates crime, and most of us write about crime. And in most crimes guns are used. But I do understand.
I understand George - heck, I write crime too and get such a kick out of a yucky scene coming together! LOL. But... it's just that the barrel is right there, pointed straight at my eye somehow. I'm such a whimp, eh? ;)
Try a wad of gum.

And I have to ask, What do the bad guys use for weapons down under?
LOL Jack! Some baddies use guns but they're harder to come by so they use knives/machetes more often, I guess.

Heck, I'm not trying to start trouble here :) Just asking, since having that thing pointed at me a lot is pretty horrid. It can easily be just me. I am happy to write about it, read about it, just not "see" it. ;)
Hmm, I'm thinking we've become too insensitive to violence here. Not that we promote it or condone it, but there is so much of it that we don't react quite that way any longer. I still do have an ingrained horror of guns, though the logo (a tad hard-boiled and characteristic of certain book covers) hasn't really made much of an impression on me.
My screen usually hides it. :)
I'm with you all the way here. We ARE becoming insensitive to at least seeing violence at a "safe" distance like on TV. Sad but true.
I think it's an interesting point, Rose. I know looking down the barrel of a REAL weapon is scary as heck--I've had that done to me by a policeman once. And the few times I've held a weapon in my hand, the power of it frightened me a little...the reminder of what these things are designed to do. But the cartoon image of the revolver in the Crimespace logo doesn't do the same thing. I'm wondering if I.J. is on to something about many of us being insensitive...
Good heavens, are you serious? I'd seriously "cack my dacks" as we say here. That's got to be one of your worst experiences ever. Yeah, IJ probably is on to something - heck we are watching a war on TV news every day! It seems so unreal and removed, and we're at the mercy of the "angle" the media decide on too. Anyway, I digress (something I have a PhD in!). It's almost 3am and I should sleep.

Tks for your comments Jack, and everyone. :)
A number of years ago, I had a gun pointed at my head. That kept me away from using guns when I write about murder. I usually have them strangled or stabbed. I guess I am just a woose. I don't really notice the gun pointed at me. I come onto my profie first, that way I don't have to see it.

Just a comment.
Midge, that's horrifying for you. Are you ok? Of all the experiences available to us as humans on earth, this is one of the high ranking ones that I just really don't need to have.
Years ago when we lived in Homestead Fl, there was a t-shirt that had the same "pointed gun" logo on it. The slogan was, "Miami, see it like a native."

I think we are so overwhelmed by violence in the media we just don't pay that much attention to these type things any longer.


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