I'm so uncomfortable with the Crimespace logo - that gun pointing at me all the time really does give me the willies. While it's a very good logo, maybe it's just that I'm from DonwUnder and we don't have much of a gun culture, but honestly, I wish there was a way to "hide" the logo.

Is it just me?

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Oh my! I'm speechless, Anne. Where did you find it? Whatever will they think of next? I hope there never is a dark chocolate gun because even I, a true chocophyliac, would have trouble putting the barrel in my mouth!!!! Eeeek!
From another wimpy Aussie...
I'm quite happy with the logo on the website, because I don't really notice it much but I'd like to own a Crimespace t-shirt and wouldn't feel comfortable wearing that particular logo. Of course, I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing a dead body, a dripping knife or a pool of blood on a t-shirt either, so maybe it's not just the gun. However, there's nothing at all delicate about my reading tastes!
Wow -- I just stumbled onto this string. Being a Canuck (that's Canadian for, well, Canadian) I get what Rose is saying about the gun thing. The logo never bothered me 'cause I grew up on American television, but now that you mention it.....

We're in the middle of a huge campaign up here in the GWN (Great White North, heh heh) to remind ourselves that we have always had a no-gun-policy. I honestly never thought about it, but now that I've got 2 published and a few not-yet-published crime stories under my belt, I guess it would strike some as strange that NONE of my protagonists have ever carried guns!!! And I never really questioned that, can you believe it?

Yes, I've had a couple of Chinese cops (whom I love) carrying guns, but they were not the lead characters. Very strange, what writers from different cultures will and will not embed in their literature, eh?...

Anyway, whether not not your hero is "packing", happy writing to one and all!
Donna Carrick www.donnacarrick.com
Think of it as "not loaded." (Well, sometimes that's a reasonable assumption.")


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