Movie and TV studios are at odds with writers over how the latter should be compensated for their work in "new media" such as DVD and streaming online content.

The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers contends the industry doesn't make enough money to increase writers' compensation and remain profitable. In short, I believe that with writers' work appearing in more and more venues, they should receive more compensation accordingly, whatever the bottom line.

Speaking of the bottom line, it might be wise for studios to spend less trying to get people to go out to movies and accept that home theater (DVD, HDTV) quality rivals traditional theaters more than ever before. Given the choice, you can't beat the convenience of home. This may mean smaller budgets for movies overall, but less money often leads to greater creativity with good results. I liken it to video games. Graphics/sound effects will never matter as much to me as gameplay/storyline.

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what gets me about all of this is.....they say they don't have enough money to increase the compensation for writers, those people whose imaginations and talents they get rich from, but they have no problems paying execs (who normally has no talent at all), and actors an astronomical amount of money. Seriously, if you think about it, if a writer comes up with an original movie (and lets face it, hollywood is doing remake after remake because they cannot find enough original and fresh work) pours his soul into it and gets, lets say 100k for the screenplay....they pay a name actor millions, and then a percentage of sales or whatever....for what? they did not invent the tale, they just performed in opinion: the writer should get a percentage above any amount an actor would get. I am not in the business, but that is just my two cents.
The pay of actors has slowed down (with more on the backside being common) but I agree that they could easily tighten up studio budgets to make room for some extra coin for writers. But the truth is it is the actors (generally) that bring in the audience and not the screenwriter. That being said, the writers are key and should make a little more.

But regarding remakes, I would not say they are happening because the studios can't find quality material, they are happening because it is an easy pick that requires less work and imagination.
I concur with Jeremy. If a writer pulls out of a movie or a showrunner leaves a series, a new writer can step in and rewrite a script or retool a concept. If need be, the new writer can mimic the original writer's style closely enough to satisfy most viewers.

On the other hand, if an actor bows out of a movie or TV show, most of that actor's fans will probably follow suit, and whoever fills the actor's shoes has to build up a new fan base (e.g. George Clooney leaving WHITE JAZZ, Mandy Patinkin leaving CRIMINAL MINDS, James Caan leaving LAS VEGAS). The new actor cannot duplicate the original actor's presence or drawing power. This is why actors will always be paid more than writers.
Sadly, We will soon see some serious remaking going on. Already Stallone is going to direct and star in a Death Wish remake. SS, you did a nice job with Rocky Balboa (aka Rocky VI) but few people want to see you direct again (Personally, I am not chomping at the bit to see him act either, but that is just me).
Wow, I did not know that he was doing that. I wasn't too thrilled with Rocky Balboa...but I am pretty excited to see the new Rambo movie....I have seen a couple of previews and it looks pretty good.

And I agree with you that studios are remaking movies due to the ease with which they can do it, but you have to admit, the movies that are being made lately have dipped into the mediocre level...people rave about this movie or that, but you must admit, that alot of the stuff that is coming out isnt all that great.

American Gangster, as far as I can tell, is heads up above the rest this year....just my opinion.
There are a lot of good films out there, they are simply not the ones that are getting the publicity. The Lookout, Eastern Promises, 3:10 to Yuma, Shoot Em Up, Gone Baby Gone...all came out this year.
The Lookout was seen by very few, yet was an amazing film.

American Gangstar is good film, but I would not say great.

Later this year will see the mainstream release of No Country for Old Men (Coen Brothers) and James Lee Burke's In Electric Mist. Of course National Treaure 2 is also coming out but you have to take the good with the bad.

Hard Candy, Lucky Number Slevin, Inside Man, Brick, V for Vendetta, The Matador, Last King of Scotland, The Good Shepard, A History of Violence... all of those came out last year.

The trick is weeding through the overblown hype for the big budget turkeys.

I am hoping to increase the number of theatrical releases we review at Crimespree Cinema, but it likely won't be until next year before we start hitting weekly releases.

Regarding Stallone, I liked Rocky Balboa. I did not think it was great, but it had heart. Having said that, I really don't want to see SS directing. He simply lacks the actual skills to make consistantly good films.
You are right The Lookout was a very good, very little hyped movie. And those you listed were indeed good films...but as for this year, I find the tally lacking. American Gangster was hyped quite a bit, and I enjoyed it very much. I cannot wait to see No Country for Old Men. I am also a Frank Darabont fan, and The Mist has his style written all over it.....
I agree, The Mist appears very promising.

As I said, Gone Baby Gone, Eastern Promises, Shoot Em Up and 3:10 to Yuma all were quite good.
havent seen any of those...i have seen the 3:10 to yuma original a long time ago...and thought that one was pretty good....

I really want to see Shoot em up....cant wait to see that one.
It makes the Transporter look like a sissy film. Beyond silly popcorn flick.
I rarely go out to movie any more, but I'm an ardent NetFlix devotee. Last week I saw GONE BABY GONE and MICHAEL CLAYTON on consecutive days. If they made more movies like that, I'd go more often.
The good films are out there, you just have to look for them. Check out Eastern Promises, it is an excellent film in the crime genre.


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