Movie and TV studios are at odds with writers over how the latter should be compensated for their work in "new media" such as DVD and streaming online content.

The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers contends the industry doesn't make enough money to increase writers' compensation and remain profitable. In short, I believe that with writers' work appearing in more and more venues, they should receive more compensation accordingly, whatever the bottom line.

Speaking of the bottom line, it might be wise for studios to spend less trying to get people to go out to movies and accept that home theater (DVD, HDTV) quality rivals traditional theaters more than ever before. Given the choice, you can't beat the convenience of home. This may mean smaller budgets for movies overall, but less money often leads to greater creativity with good results. I liken it to video games. Graphics/sound effects will never matter as much to me as gameplay/storyline.

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The whole argument is about when residuals should begin, right? I don't understand it and I'd like for someone to fill me in.
Here's a video summarizing the writers' issues:

And an explanation by Joss Whedon:
I just saw CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR and look forward to catching JUNO this weekend. If they keep sprinkling the ususal spin-off drival with this great stuff, you'll find me and mine shelling out for "date night" in front of the big screen. I hope good writers get what they deserve and those who just scan in old scripts and hit "change all" to update the dialogue get what they deserve as well.


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