I just finished Carol Anne Davis's Sob Story. Davis is a new (to me) author who writes intense psychological thrillers.

Now, I'll be reviewing it for Spinetingler anyway, and I don't want this to be about reviews anyway. This is about gut reactions. I had a bit of trouble taking the mental shift into this book at first, I think because of what I'd been reading around the time, so I put it down, cleared my head with something else, then picked it back up. And couldn't put it down. I'm a slow reader and I just picked it up again yesterday - now it's done. It kept me turning pages way after my bedtime last night.

So, reading anything good these days? Last book that had you sitting up half the night chewing your nails?

Up next for me: Adrian McKinty The Bloomsday Dead

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I read Christine Falls a few weeks ago, Brian. I'll be interested in hearing what you thought of it. I did write a review of the book if you're interested. http://www.reviewers-choice.com/christine_falls.htm
The day job is so crazy lately that I've been trying to destress with lighter books. Problem is my tbr pile is filled with lots of hardboiled, dark stuff. So I picked up a couple of Susan Kandel books that were a lot of fun. Now I've started on the Dresden books by Jim Butcher. Gotta make it back to the tbr pile soon though or it will topple over.
Read late last night with a cross-genre thriller, martial arts, light women's fantasy with a strongly felt appreciation of visual art. It ended pretty much as one would want it to, in other words mostly predictably, but it was great fun getting there. JADE TIGER by Jenn Reese.


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