Just signed up and thought I'd say a quick 'hello' to everyone.


My name is Benedict J Jones and I'm a crime and horror writer (mainly of short works) from London (England).  I've had twelve stories published in a variety of small press venues ('zines, magazines, websites and e-zines) and I have two more stories slated for release in 2010 - "Real Estate" (Out of the Gutter Magazine) and "Berlin Sushi" (Dark Minds Anthology).   


Thought I'd join up to 'network' and also to discover some writers of crime I know nothing about and connect with like-minded folks.  So hello!

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Welcome, Ben. Things are a tad slow at the moment, but we've had some excellent discussions here.
Hey, Ben. Well, I'm impressed. Out of the Gutter rejected my short story this summer, although I did place it with A Twist of Noir. I look forward to reading yours. And welcome to Crimespace!
thanks I.J and cheers Jack, i'm really looking forward to seeing OOTG in a weeks time (UK vs US issue!)
Hello Ben,

Welcome. I don't get over here as much as I used to. I agree with I.J. things have been slow here lately. I can understand for those who are busy right now because I've been too. Plus it is the holiday season and sometimes forum participation often drops during that time.

Best Wishes!

Welcome, Ben. Big fan of Out of the Gutter - my short White Volcano appeared waaaay back in Issue 2. My first novel, Switch, debuted in the UK from Bantam (same editor as Simon Kernick and Sean Black) and my second crime thriller, No Cry For Help, has just hit the shelves there now, too.

Hi back! I'm into the same genres. Glad you're here. Keep in touch.


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