I'm relocating to Seattle.... is there anyone who could answer some questions for me? I'd sure appreciate it... Sara

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Dear Sara:

This is Jeff Pierce from The Rap Sheet. I live in Seattle and could probably answer some simple questions, if you want to throw my way.

Dear Sara
I don't know anything much about Seattle - but you should read Aussie thriller writer John Birmingham's latest book Wihthout Warning to find out why Seattle might be the safest place to move!
from Australia
maps.google.com has a feature called Street View. It has full 360' imagery of Seattle. You can walk the streets of Seatle and look at the buildings, find hotels and restaurants, look at neighborhoods and schools. All from your computer. My WIP is partially set in Seattle and the street view was an incredible aid to providing accurate descriptions.

Hi Sara-

I live in the Seattle area. Let me know if there's anything I can do to enlighten you about your new home. Feel free to drop a line at bthorntonwriter@gmail.com .

All the Best-

Brian Thornton


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