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Anyone else here watch Southland? I only checked it out because I'm a huge Regina King fan. They started their second season on TNT and though it's much more exciting than the first season, it's still not catching base with me. I can't remember any of the character's names except Regina King and her partner in the hospital!

I think Southland tries too hard to be realistic that it's confusing. You need a darn book to keep up with the characters!  Oh yeah, I know Dickie's name too. But that show leaves me breathless. There are too many characters and too many things going on in one show!

I read TNT plans to cancel it again if these ratings for this season aren't good. They say the show is way too expensive to keep on. That's why NBC dropped it.


Newsflash, get rid of about half the cast and it won't be expensive! They got about twenty people on that show and they all have their own plots every episode!

Anyway, I had to vent. I want to like this show but I can't get into it and I've watched the whole first season!  Others say they love it, maybe it's just me.


Best Wishes!


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I'm a fan, but I think you're right about too many characters. My fav is the black female detective whose name escapes me at 4:52 am. I hate it when they switch away from her now.
Hi Jack,

That's Regina King, LOL! She plays Lydia and her partner is Russell. Other than that, don't ask me the other folks' names, LOL! Did you catch the second season so far? I think they took off Lisa Vidal, she played the Hispanic reporter who was having an affair with that older detective.

I haven't seen her since this season started. I liked that storyline but they probably cut her to add more cops, LOL!

Best Wishes!

Hi Bill,

I like the set up of it too. My only complaint is there are just too many characters having subplots at once. I think it would be better if maybe each episode focused on a different story you know? Do you remember the show Homicide? I used to love that show! They had tons of characters but they didn't all have a story in the same episode. Southland can get confusing because they switch so fast to another story and you gotta remember, okay A and B is doing this and C and D's case is this. First instance like the lady, Chickie and John (is that his name, the one that takes the pills?), now I like him and Chickie together and I enjoyed last week's episode. I think they have good chemistry as characters. I like Chickie.

The rookie guy is okay too but I think they're taking him into another direction this season. He seems to be more serious and I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up having him become a detective. You know how shows are.

I'm gonna see how this second season goes. I think it's better than last season's but they could slow it just a little bit, LOL! Too many storylines at once.

Oh and I love the Hispanic guy that's Lydia's new partner. He brings comic relief to Lydia's seriousness.

Best Wishes!

I asked a similar question on my blog last week. I've been convinced to catch up, but I've been concerned that the episodes in Season One were too uneven. The patrol cop episodes were great, but the detectives' stories too often wandered into soap opera land.
Dana I agree about season one. I also think the detective cases are a little boring compared to the street cops. I like all the actors but I think it would have been great for all of them to be patrol officers since you don't see that type of show everyday.

Best Wishes!

I wonder why they didn't just make Southland a show full of uniform cops instead of even having detectives in the first place. I think the street cops are more interesting myself.

Bill, I envy you, LOL! I am going to take my time when it comes on tomorrow and see if I can follow it better, LOL! I hope TNT gives it a chance though because they've already said that if the ratings aren't good for this season they'll probably cancel it.

Best Wishes!



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