Anyone have any info on the Amazon Breakout Novel Contest for 2014?

Last year I think entries were taken from Jan. 14-Jan.  27.  I figured if the entry dates were going to be around the same time period, that they would have announce it by now.  I can't find anything though.  

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I entered it years ago but can't remember much other than it's been running several years now so it should be legit.  Just be sure you read contract good so you don't give away more than you care to (film rights etc).  Unless it doesn't matter which after putting all your BS & T into it, it does matter.  Good luck with it!

Thanks, MC, but I know all about it.  It's a great contest, run by Amazon with no entrance fee.  I've already been in a couple of times.  

Just trying to find out if they are having it this year and submission dates.  As I said it was Jan. 14-Jan. 27 last year.

Seems like they should announce it soon. Curious, Jed: Should you win or get picked as a finalist, are you happy with that contract? I was reading last year's. Seems restrictive. And you're my contract expert as I have no clue and usually sign whatever anyone sends me. (KInda like Jimmy Hendrix, I'm told)

Hi, Jack.  Sorry but my kids say I'm not an expert at anything anymore.

Seriously though, everything right up until you win (and the odds are only a bit better than winning a Mega Bucs Lottery) looks fine to me.  I was attracted because there is no entrance fee and more interesting is that they accept works already Indie (self) published.  So while my work was entered last year, I was still able to sell as many copies as I could.  They don't accept works already published by another publisher though.  I have a suspicion that this is a back door way for them to get Indie's interested in Creatspace.  Whatever, it works fine for me.

You are right on the restrictions; they may very well be prohibitive.  But it looks to me like you can refuse to sign after you win if wish.  Although I don't think too many people would want that, unless they were convinced they actually had something outstanding on their hands.  So if you did win, that would be the time to check with a lawyer if you liked.  I myself would be interested in a couple of items, one being do they keep any right to series characters it they happen to be in a winning book?  Again, I think all of these things could be looked into after someone was fortunate enough to win.  So, anyway, for an Indie publisher or someone with an unpublished novel hanging around that they don't think is going to make the best seller list or maybe doesn't even have a home, I can't see any downside.

Remember what my kids said though, 'Dad, how would you know?' 



I recently received an announcement from Amazon.

New contest announced the other day ..


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