Amazon Fires Back at XinXii for Playing Chicken with Kindle Publishing Platform

Last month, Germany-based e-book retailer/publishing platform XinXii launched an English language version of its site for the United States. As Europe's leading non-Amazon e-book retailer, this no doubt sent a shot across the bow of Amazon's Kindle retailing/publishing platform.


So what's Amazon to do? Why, launch a German version of its Kindle platform.


I got this e-mail today (links are removed):



We are excited to announce Kindle Direct Publishing on!

To learn more about publishing your book on, including royalty and
payment options, click here:

Any books you’ve published through Kindle Direct Publishing which have rights in
Germany are already available in the new Kindle store on, based on the
list prices and royalty plans you've provided for the store.

In addition to the launch of Kindle Direct Publishing on, we're also
thrilled to offer royalty payments for our European publishers via Electronic
Funds Transfer (EFT). To learn more about this option, including how to sign up
to receive payments via EFT, click here:

We hope to see you soon!


Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

I'd be pretty PO'ed if I was XinXii right now, but I'm sure the fol...

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Amazon has a presence in a number of foreign countries, like Germany, Canada, the UK, Japan, and ?


Didn't someone recently post about this new electronic publisher?  Someone from one of the Scandinavian countries?  Amazon has a lot of clout, so they could be major competition.


And I've been wondering about getting my US Kindles on foreign Amazon sites.


Thanks for posting.


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