Amazon shaved 25 bucks off the price of its Kindle. The price tag for the standard model is now a cool $114.


Here's the but.


BUT the lower price is because advertisements will appear in screensavers. It also comes with "special offers" from other companies. Models without ads will stay at $139.


So long as there's an option to buy one without ads, I'm all for it. What do you think?

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Yes.  I'd go along with that.  Though it seems to me that the business model suggests that using the item itself is a money maker for Kindle.  Surely the price reduction doesn't reflect their income from those thingies. Perhaps one should make a study of how the advertising profits share out.
On the surface, maybe. I see it as the camel getting his nose under the tent.
Colorful image.  What's the camel after?
Not sure it is totally relevant to this discussion, but wanted to say that Amazon has a free Kindle download to your PC, no advertisements so far. I use mine on a notebook, larger that the Kindle itself, but still fits comfortably in my lap.
What?  Of any book listed for sale?
To the best of my knowledge, yes. My most recent download was a short story by Steve Berry, 99c + tax.
Still confused.  Surely you have to pay for the story.  Then the download is free?  But I would have expected that anyway.
Ah! I see where I confused you. The download of the Kindle is free and you pay for the stories. So, by using your computer you don't have to pay to buy a handheld Kindle, but you do have to buy the stories.
Thought so.  Thanks.  That's a relief.  :)
I'm with you.  We are a society that is bombarbed constantly by ads, reading and book browsing are a couple of my sacred places and I'm not about to allow them to invade my space by saving $25 or so. 


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