I love this woman.  Every mystery has to be a cozy.  Plus, I'm far left!

I am half way this this book and I have never read such trash language in my life in a mystery book. I can read 3 to 4 books a week just reading at night and I was totally disgusted with this one. I chose it because of the setting...Cape Cod..which I love and I am enjoying the mystery part of it but I feel all the foul mouthing crap in it is uncalled for. I cannot believe you come from a place like Wisconsin and write such trash but of course you are far left (from some of your writing in the book) so that figures...anything goes. I wish you well but if this is an example of your type of writing I will not buy your books again. Yes I am a female.

Kind of hard to decide which is the funniest part. 

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Maybe she was disturbed by some unaccustomed and disconcerting sensations while reading about Lola and blames you.

BTW, I finished reading MATING SEASON last night. You, sir, are very good. I've yet to find anyone who combines humor and murder without trivializing the violence (and remaining genuinely funny) as well as you do. Even though you are a foul-mouthed lefty cheesehead.
Or maybe the little threesome scene (pgs 33-34 of the paperback) made her a tad...uncomfortable. You never know.

And thanks, Dana. Your opinion means a lot to me. But I'm actually a foul-mouthed lefty hillbilly from southeastern Ohio.
I am from Newark and live there now. Most of my kin were in Washington, Morgan and Noble Counties. I took a few classes at O.U. in the late 50s (music) and trapped fox some in Athens county.
Small world.

We have a couple of families in Newark with your surname.

I'm sorry, I pity the woman. Hope she's got a cache of sedatives handy for when reality hits.
I'm guessing she's impervious. To reality, I mean--not sedatives.
Then again, Jon, what's the harm in writing a Frank Coffin book in which he investigates the murder most foul of poor Colonel Piddlethorpe behind the vicarage? (After high tea, of course.)
Could be fun--Coffin goes to the UK and finds himself stuck in a Miss Marple story. Actually I've got some serious political fun in mind for the next one, if there is a next one.
The sad truth is that I often think up this kind of story. If I were ever to take up writing fan fiction, it would be "Miss Marple Meets (non-cozy character of the week)"

Of course, the thing about Miss Marple herself is that she was often anything BUT cozy. She believed in evil. (There are some wonderful quotes from Nemesis.) Considering how much Christie made a point of making fun of people who mistook her for a fluffly old sweetie, it's shocking how many of her fans think the same thing.
I would really like one that attacks readers of cozy mysteries. Maybe some of the members of Dorothy L? You could do some great characters.
Sounds like one you could write, I.J. "The Ladies Cozy Book Club Murders." No doubt it's been done and done, but that never stopped anybody worth a damn.
Nope. No good at satire. Love to read it, though.
That sounds tailor-made for Joe Konrath. A group of sweet old ladies at a Cotswolds resort for a weekend of celebrating cozy mystery writing are raped, tortured, murdered and dismembered, one by one. Can the survivors piece together the clues and unmask the dastardly fiend before they're forced to piece themselves together? After high tea with brandy — and a sense of high outrage after Ngaio Marsh's bones are dug up and used to spell "DIE YOU CRAZY OLD BITCHAZ" — the few ladies left wade into grim battle with obscure poisons and a letter opener.


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