I love this woman.  Every mystery has to be a cozy.  Plus, I'm far left!

I am half way this this book and I have never read such trash language in my life in a mystery book. I can read 3 to 4 books a week just reading at night and I was totally disgusted with this one. I chose it because of the setting...Cape Cod..which I love and I am enjoying the mystery part of it but I feel all the foul mouthing crap in it is uncalled for. I cannot believe you come from a place like Wisconsin and write such trash but of course you are far left (from some of your writing in the book) so that figures...anything goes. I wish you well but if this is an example of your type of writing I will not buy your books again. Yes I am a female.

Kind of hard to decide which is the funniest part. 

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It's a great line, and you snuck it in there twice. Who's the wordsmith now, CJ?
Ed Gein and Jeffrey Dahmer came from Wisconsin, too, among other upstanding folks. There was a guy stealing dirty diapers while wearing a dirty diapers somewhere around Stevens Point. Made Chelsea Lately.

Go Pack.
Okay, guys, but you sound just as bad as the crazy blog commenter. I'm a cozy reader and writer and that doesn't mean I left my logic at the door. Yes, I do curse in real life but not in my books and sometimes you want books that don't have that in there. For instance, I read all of Diane Mott Davidson's books on audio BECAUSE my kids were in the car with me. I often read cozies because I need a break from the nitty gritty in life. It doesn't make me bad or illogical or a crazy blog commenter.
She didn't get your writing. I'm sorry. Sometimes it happens. Don't go over to her side with YOUR comments!
Christine--the difference is that: a) you recognize that people are allowed to write books other than the specific kind you like, and b) you're far too reasonable to go online and start lecturing people about what they can and can't say.

Oh, wait...one out of two, then.
I'm wondering, has she read Jon's books before? If she has she should have known what type of stuff might be in them. A lot of writers use profanity if it fits the characters, some writers do not. I don't write cozies or read them myself (no offense to cozy writers) but I write and like to read the hardcore crime fiction and suspense so I already can tell what I am going to be getting out of story from either reading a sample, reading the synopsis of it, or by rep of the author.

You can tell if most stories are hardcore or cozies by the description so if this lady is so opposed to profanity, seems to me Jon's book or someone who doesn't write G rated material wouldn't even be on her list.

That's just what's funny to me. Usually folks who don't like books with profanity at all are usually more cautious with their selections. Unless a crime author's book says it's "cozy" from the get-go, I assume it's not a cozy, myself. Usually you can tell right off.

Sometimes people just post things to start trouble. Sometimes they haven't even read the book. You'd be surprised how many folks don't read the author's work and only heard about it then decide to bash. Either way, it's not important enough to worry about. You can't please everyone and you shouldn't try.

Best Wishes!

I don't really care enough about sub-genre distinctions to pay much attention to them, so this series might be a bit maddening for a cozy reader--it has a cozy element or two (the protagonist is in a happy relationship, of all things), but it does some hardboiled stuff with sex, language and occasional violence. Plus it's set in a place that's both picturesque and popular. General readers like them, purists of any stripe seem to want them to be something other than what they are. Oh, well.
Stacy makes a good point, As I mentioned before to Jon, I spend some time on Goodreads and I am surprised by how often a reader will give a negative review to a book because it did not meet his or her (and yes, usually her) pre-determined expectations. If a reader wanted a cozy and got a story about a sex-torture killer ... well, somehow that's the author's fault. Unbelievable.
Goodreads is very mysterious to me. As you say, it's a little like a restaurant critic who orders the fish and then slams the chef because fish is icky. Fun for the reviewer, maybe, but kind of an annoying waste of time for everybody else.
we can set up a state visit for her and schedule a series of ride-a-longs with our favorite commuters. By the time she leaves she'll be able to tan leather and color the air with her choice of words.
Well said, Karyn. Or maybe just take her to Lambeau for any game against the Bears or Vikings...
Interesting Jon, but the way YOU are coming across is as an author who can not !. take criticism and 2. doesn't like freedom of speech.
I welcome rational criticism, and in fact I also genuinely enjoy the crazy kind because, let's face it, it's pretty damn funny. What gives you the idea I don't like freedom of speech? I like it very much indeed. I absolutely support the right of the easily offended to be offended, and to tell me all about how offended they are. But in the true spirit of freedom of speech I also reserve the right to make fun of them for doing so. You apparently disapprove, which is also fine with me--rock on with your bad self.


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