Anyone aside from me working on Kindle editions of books?

I have been busy and away from Crimespace for a while as was putting several --well a lot of--my work up at Kindle Book Store. I found it rather liberating being my own "publisher" or partner in publishing with some controls over the material and some expectation of making some of that green stuff everybody believes writers ought not need or concern themselves with. They say publishing is a business when your contract is tossed out or when your series is cut, so if it is a business, why shouldn't we writers have more of the results of the so-called business? The digital tech platform might just be an answer as I am hearing from other authors who are getting actual checks in the mail or rather downloaded to their accounts.

Anyone else going the way of ebooks and kindle books?


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Hey, got a great review from Booklist on Dead On which is availlable now as a book-book and doing well on Kindle.


This title will publish in July 2009
Advanced Review – Uncorrected Proof Issue: June 1, 2009
Dead On. Walker, Robert W. (Author) Jul 2009. 322 p. Five Star, hardcover, $25.95. (9781594147814).

Marcus Rydell, a disgraced Atlanta police officer turned private investigator, is preparing to eat his gun
when he hears screams from a downstairs apartment. He rushes to the rescue and meets Kat Holley, a
resident at the local hospital. She pulls him out of his depression and gets him to help her seek revenge on
the psychopath who ruined both of their lives. Along with a black dog named Paco, they search for a cavedwelling
former marine, Iden Cantu, who uses his training to elude both the Atlanta police and the feds.
Kat and Marcus hunt him deep in the forests along the Georgia-Tennessee border. The country may be
beautiful, but Cantu turns it into a death trap with his night-vision equipment and high-powered rifle. The
pair manages to handle the ordeal with humor and a touch of romance. Readers will hope for more from
this unlikely couple. An entertaining series debut.
— Barbara Bibel
I agree. Following Kindle sales too closely is like following your Amazon ranking. You shouldn't let it consume you too much. Nonetheless, I like to keep tabs on it, just to see how it's going generally.


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