Are there any authors here whose books have been reviewed by Harriet Klausner?

We are currently working on a story about Harriet Klausner, #1 Hall of fame reviewer for Amazon and wanted to reach out to few authors whose books have been reviewed by her.

We really appreciate if you let us know so that we can contact you and ask for your impression/experience.


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Well, I don't want to be contacted, but Harriet used to review so many books that her speed reading raised eye- brows.  What also raised eyebrows was that she liked everything she read.  I've been reviewed by her a few times.  In at least one case the review was a rehash of a newspaper review by a critic.  The general impression is to take her reviews with a grain of salt.

Yes, this is how I feel, too. One of my books was reviewed by Harriet (four out of five stars, she does like everything ;) and the review was okay, pretty general but I got the feeling she (or someone) had read the book. And it was one of the first reviews, so I appreciated it.

But she only reviewed my book from a big 6 publisher, not any from the small press I'm published by now.

Do you think we can quote you?

Hope I'm not too late on this. My first book received a balanced, positive review by Harriet Klausner. Please contact me off-list if you need more:

la (at)

A short excerpt from the review is here:    The longer review on her site is here.


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