Uh oh. Barnes & Noble is hinting it might sell the Nook brand. "Exploring options" is corporate speak for "give the gravediggers fancy new boots so it looks better when we die."


If this is the case, I'd be pretty bummed. I own a Nook, and enjoy that I can bring it into a Barnes & Noble for some freebies while my wife peruses the print products. Maybe that's what's killing its business, I don't know. Ever since they cut shelf space last year, Barnes & Noble seems to be getting ready to throw in the towel. Selling off the remaining profitable part of its business seems too stupid to be anything else.


What do you think?



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True, but I can't say I'm worrying too much about B&N. They do absolutely NOTHING to help Indie writers sell books. I sell 3-4X as many Kindles as I do Nook. Have sold NO print copies on B&N.

What's your experience with them?

I've only recently added Nook for a few titles.  No word yet.  Never liked B&N, though fans told me they bought my books there.  I had bad book signing experiences.

My mom bought one of your books there Ingrid!  :-) 

Right.  I think you told me.  Bless her!  :)  See, readers like B&N.  It's writers who don't care for it.

Haha. You may be right. Although, I will say that even my mother complains that "they don't have enough to read for a bookstore so big," which I'm sure is in reference to the specific types of books she likes to read.

She has superb taste, as far as I'm concerned. 


I tend to run out of reading material quickly because I toss a lot of books I don't like.  Today I ordered 3 titles from Amazon, then put a hold on 3 at the library, and checked out 8 more.  The library is good for authors I'm unfamiliar with.  Alas, not many pass scrutiny.

Kind of like that saying, "It is so busy no one goes there any more."

haha. True.

My mother does have superb taste - she loves me doesn't she? Doesn't she?

I know what she's talking about though. B&N does have a wide selection of books, but they also have calendars, games, coffees, sandwiches - the one near my house even sells music.

The stores are big - but take a look at how much space isn't used. They are spacious, but...........

Her point of course is that the availability of any specific genre (she likes mysteries, horror, biography and books about gardening and bird watching) is pretty darned limited.

@ Clay:  That's why there is Amazon.  Nothing limited about their stock.

Ingrid, maybe its just me, but I don't care for "browsing" on Amazon.


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