Begged, bought, stole or borrowed - what's your last 5 books acquisitions?

The last 5 books I've added to my library are........


Ed O'Loughlin - Toploader

Michael Dobbs - The Reluctant Hero

Stieg Larsson - The Girl Who Played With Fire

Douglas Lindsay - Lost In Juarez

William McIllvanney - Laidlaw

I've read two Lindsay books recently and this one was on Amazon for less than the price of a decent coffee.

Re Larsson - my son (and myself) read the first in the trilogy last year and he was looking for something else to read so I got him this.

Toploader is blurbed as a Catch22 type anti-Iraq war novel, plus it had a pretty funky cover.

Dobbs was an impulse purchase, thriller-type prison rescue book, from author of House of Cards political intrigue series.

McIllvanney's Laidlaw, I read somewhere recently was the original Tartan Noir novel, published back in the late 70's, it piqued my interest enough for me to go track it down.

When I get round to reading these 5 is another story! 

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Too long a list to bother with.  I only buy books from authors that I either enjoy very much or from whom I can learn something.  Lately, there have been some Alexander Kent novels (pure entertainment) and two novels by Hakan Nesser (him I can learn from).

RAYLAN by Elmore Leonard

(Loved it. Read it in four-five hours on the beach yesterday. It moves so fast I couldn't stop)

WHIPHAND, UNDER ORDERS And I bought these two Dick Francis books on the advice of my agent because one of his characters has the same disability as my latest protag. This man can tell a story, although the action is pretty tame for my tastes.

Also trying DEATH IN FOUR COURSES, and AN APPETITE FOR MURDER, both cozies by Lucy Burdette, an alias for a friend. 

Even though I have more books than is sensible - Raylan's on my birthday wishlist,

Not sure if I'll get it though!

Digressing a bit, I'm a big fan of Justified, though I'm still playing catch-up with about 8 or 9 episodes of series 2 to watch yet. Is there a series 3 planned or even airing in the US yet?

DF - I have heard of, though never tried, maybe one day!

LB - not on my radar, I'm afraid  

Season 4 of Justified starts pretty soon, I think.

I liked the old Dick Francis books a lot.  Not so much for the later ones and those co-authored or authored by his son.

Jack Getze, after reading your post, I had to find out more about Raylan. Books I can't put down don't come along very often. Your comment and this review makes me want to go out and get a copy!

RAYLAN should be in paperback soon. Have you read ANY Elmore Leonard? I'm not alone in my esteem for the man's writing and stories, although I was a little disappointed with DJIBOUTI (sp?) in that Elmore normally gives the reader a big payoff at the finish. Great gunplay, usually, and this one about mideast pirates was not up to his high standard (IMHO). His bad guys are normally scary and deserving of death, and you worry the hero may not be up to it.

My favorite Elmore's are older, STICK, CITY PRIMEVIL: HIGH NOON IN DETROIT, and MR. MAJESTYK. 

I've been reading more crime fiction:

The Keeper of Lost Causes - Danish police procedural (sorta)

Moonlight Mile - Denis Lahane

Outside of crime novels:  

Blood Medallion  Cormac McCarthy

The Heart of Darkness - Joseph Conrad

Non fiction

Outlining the Novel - K.M. Weiland


Sean Chercover's THE TRINITY GAME

FREEZE POINT by Karen Dionne

HUNTRESS MOON by Alexandra Sokoloff


John Verdon - Let the Devil Sleep

Tess Gerritsen - Last To Die

Dean Koontz - Odd Apocalypse

Lee Childs - A Wanted Man

Michael Balkind - Sudden Death

The Retribution by Val McDermid

Then I went back to the first book of the series 

The Mermaids Singing

Before that was The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Essays in love by Alain De Botton

The Retromancer by Robert Rankin

bought all of them. ;)

I'm going on an Alexander Kent binge.  Ordered 3 of the Richard Bolitho novels.

(I guess I'm a bit tired of crime novels).


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