Hi everyone. Great site. Glad I've been allowed in. Please. Don't anyone tell my parole officer.

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Maybe I am him working undercover.

I just saw an old Lon Chaney and Joan Crawford silent. To evade John Law, he hid in a circus and pretended to be an armless man. Did a great job too without FX and could even light cigarets with his feet and everything. But his fate was worse than anything the law might have done. He fell in love with Joan and feeling she would hate him for pretending to be armless, he had his arms removed. But she loved someone else. 

Scary stuff. But in here I think everyone's safe from the law since we're all full of BS (excuse me, I mean fiction).

And try not to get too many tattoos. That's a dead giveaway.

Whoa. Top comment for sure, C.M. I tell cyberscam women (?) that I lost my genitals in the war and they leave me alone after that.


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