I have a question, so I came to all the brains on this site!  I hope a few people can give me some opinions, advise and information.  I'm thinking of doing a virtual book signing.  Obviously, I've not done this before.  I assume I contact the organization I'd like to do this with, set up a mutally agreeable date and time.  I also assume the members of the organization would go online to my blog, buy a book from the link posted there, then inform me via the blog that they bought the book, they'd like the autographed book plate made out to so-and-so.  I could supply my email address so they could give me the street address that way, so it wouldn't be posted on the blog for the whole world to see.  This would eliminate shipping books to the organization, which would be a plus.  The buyers would get the books directly from the company from which they bought it.  I'd be online throughout the time period, responding to questions, comments, chatting...  I would then split the profits with the organization.  Is this how it would be done? Has anyone done this or perhaps set up something better?  I'd like your feedback on this because I'd love to do this, seeing as this would be in a different country from where I live.  Thanks for any help!

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Profits? Book signings usually cost the author. And you want to share the profits? What, is your time worth so little?
I'm not sure that you can verify sales, but why not just use your blog or web site to offer signed bookplates. You can usually assume that those will be affixed to one of your books.
Ah. Well, as I said, I'm new to all this. Good suggestion about the bookplates. Thanks.


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