Just what are these?  Apparently, one can shift one's blog from one place to another if on has the "blog feed" information.  Sounds helpful for publicity.  So, how do I find the "blog feed" for a blog posted on Crime Space?


Many thanks to the knowledgable and helpful people on Crime Space.

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I don't think Crimespace does blog feeds, though I see it will link with Twitter and Facebook. 


Blog feeds are essentially syndication. (RSS, one of the major types of feeds, stands for "Really Simple Syndication.") Most blogs allow the owner to create a feed by clicking a button. This then alerts anyone with an aggregator (Google Reader, Net Vibes, etc.) to get more or less instant updates when blogs I follow are updated. I depend on feeds now to keep me current with anything I like to follow.

Thanks, Dana.  In other words, there's nothing I can click if I want to transfer a blog I did here to my Amazon site?  Bummer!
Not to my knowledge, though one of the younger tech wizards here might have a way. The best Idea I have is to copy and paste., which I have done from time to time.
Not sure that works on Amazon, but I'll explore further.  Thanks.

I.J.: I am the last person you want advice from regarding blog posts, etc. However, I must have don something right on my Amazon Author Central account. This site allows you to connect your blog through an RSS feed to Amazon. When I post as new article on the blog, it magically appears on my Author site ... or least it looks like it from my end. Might want to check to see if you can set this up.

Here is my link: http://www.amazon.com/Mark-Young/e/B004NK7QNM/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_p...

There is a link to Amazon for additional information.


Good luck.

I.J.: I re-read your post and some of the comments. If you are trying to connect a CrimeSpace blog feed, that is an entirely different animal. Sorry.

Ah!  Yes, that's precisely what I was thinking of doing. I also looked at Amazon Author Central. :)


Well, it's a pity.  I guess the only thing to do is to set up my own blog, but I don't want to blog constantly.  I have work to do. (And people looking over my shoulder).


Thanks, Mark!

I.J., you can set one up with a fair amount of ease on blogspot.  You can get the bare bones blog up and running in a couple of hours, and it's easy.  You can worry about the details, about refining it, etc., after you've set it up and when you have a little breathing space.  The main thing is to get your spot (your author name) on the biggies right now, before it's too late.  Give you an example: my name is Mary McFarland.  Sadly, she was the first person to die from the poisoned Tylenol pills back in the 80s, so most people who look up my name on the Web . . . find her!  I'm dead, don't cha' know!  Anyway, you want www.IJparker.blogspot.com, and you want www.ijparker.ning.com, and you want your author name reserved on Word Press.  Those are probably the tree biggies.  Anyone has any others, I'd love to know.  If you have ideas for your blog, run 'em by us.   We'll get your blog juices flowin', at least.   
I.J., I just checked.  Your address of www.ijparker.blogspot.com is available on blogspot.  That could change at any time, then you'd lose that.  Better jump on there and spend ten minutes reserving your spot before someone takes it.  Have a family member do it.  It takes five mins.  

Thanks. That's very kind of you.  I doubt I have the time to run a blog.  On the whole, I'd like to do it off my web site.  The Kindle blog I posted to doesn't seem to get any traffic. I was all set to deal with comments.  Maybe that's an indication of how blogging ends up just wasting time.


I'll save the info, though.  Again, thank you very much.

I.J., this is actually very easy to do.

  1. If you have a blog on blogger for instance, with an atom feed, then you can simply copy the link for that, which would be in my case anyway, http://mkcarver.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default.
  2. You then go to your page on crimespace, and look at the left sidebar where it says RSS.
  3. Click RSS and a text box should come up with fields where you can paste that link.
  4. It also comes with options that allow you to customize, showing only headlines from your blog that are links which take you directly to your blog and the page that post is on.
  5. Then click save and you're done!

Please let me know if you have any questions and for an example, take a look at my crimespace page.

One more thing, you can find the RSS feed for your crimespace blog at the bottom of your blog page. It it an RSS feed symbol on the lower left corner. click on that symbol and a new page will appear with the url for your feed. Copy that url into the RSS feed text box on the lower left corner of your crimespace page, and it will appear with the headlines to your blog posts on it.


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