Barnes & Noble's new incarnation of the Nook looks a lot like an iPad. Check it out here:

What do you think? I'll reserve my opinion for when I can tell if it has e-ink technology or is an LCD. I don't like LCD screens for extended reading. E-ink, which is basically the same thing an Etcha-Sketch uses, is much easier on the eye. Despite all the nifty features, I'd still use an e-reader to read books more than anything else.

Some new things it appears they've added:

• Reading is more amazing than ever on our stunning 7-inch VividView™ Color Touchscreen. NOOKcolor uses best-in-class technology to display
more than 16 million colors and an extra wide viewing angle for personal
or shared reading.

• NOOKcolor is the first reading device to offer all your newsstand favorites in rich, full color. From Us Weekly and Elle to The New York
Times and The Wall Street Journal - NOOKnewsstand delivers your morning
paper and latest magazines right to your NOOKcolor, ready to read in an
amazing new way.

• Visit any Barnes & Noble store with your NOOK in hand and enjoy an array of special offers through our More In Store™ program. Get FREE
Wi-Fi® while you're there and read entire NOOKbooks for FREE for up to
one hour per day with our innovative Read In Store™ feature.

• Swapping books with friends has always been a big part of reading and NOOKcolor makes it even easier and more fun to do. For the first time on
NOOKcolor, Barnes & Noble's exclusive LendMe™ App lets you lend AND
borrow favorite books from friends - all with just a few simple

• For the first time, enjoy hundreds of kids' picture books with our state-of-the-art NOOK kids reading experience. Exclusive Alive Touch™
technology lets your child interact with words and pictures, easily find
a favorite story, even have it read aloud. Enjoy classic favorites and
the most popular new releases.

• On-the-go web access is easy with NOOKcolor's built-in Wi-Fi® connection. Check your email or visit your favorite websites. NOOKcolor
goes beyond reading and helps you stay connected.

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Do we need color to read? And do we want people to turn into free libraries, sharing books with lots of other people? You can see where that will lead with a bit of organization.
Personally, I think this is a great idea. Kinda like a ersatz IPad. And yes, I think color is necessary--especially if you're into reading your newspapers or magazines on such a device.
Personally, color doesn't mean anything to me. I don't miss it when I'm reading ebooks, LOL!

Best Wishes!
Colour is a big deciding factor for me when picking an e-reader for sure. While it may not be *necessary* for ALL books, the thing that I like about it is that it enables the creative innovation of narratives, such as Padworx recent take on 'Dracula' which generated an immersive experience by including graphics, animation and sound. For this reason, I think colour is important. It allows authors and creators of literature the scope to innovate their work and I think thats pretty awesome :)


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