Book Website in Need of Mystery Expert (I guess that's all of us, right?)

Hello Crimespacers,

I wasn't sure where to post it this, since it appeals to reading and writing and schmoozing.

I am looking for a writer/charmer/mystery buff interestested in steady freelance work for a cool, groundbreaking new  bookselling website --  Job entails discussing mysteries with other readers, interviewing authors, developing promotion ideas and, ulitmately, selling books on line. Strong blog, Facebook and Twitter identities and skills a must.

And knowing your Inspector Ghotes from your Andy Kelps or your Cordelia Grays from your Lew Archers helps, too.

Persons of interest should email me with contact info, your rap sheet -- I mean, resume -- and why a suspicious mind would  pick you out of a lineup for this gig.

Thanks for listening and have a great weekend.



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More power to you!


And, wow, someone remembers Inspector Ghote! Curses on Keating for dropping the series.

I do remember Inspector Ghote. I read him when I was a kid. I should actually find him again.

I mentioned him because, sadly, Mr. Keating  has just left us all...


Ah.  I didn't know.  I take back what I said above -- it was in jest anyway.  The Ghote series is wonderful and exceptionally well written.  How sad that's over.


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