Hey y'all,

I'm trying to get seven more "likes" for my author page over on Bookface, so that I can have enough users to access the advanced page features... I'll be happy to reciprocate "likes" for your page in exchange.

Also, for those of you who were on my friends list previously, I got frustrated with trying to keep up with 300+ individuals and eliminated my entire friends list. It wasn't personal! I'm experimenting with doing all of my Bookface interacting via my author page, and not having individual "friends." It's kind of lonely with only 24 page members -- I'd love it if ya'll would stop by and say hi.

Cheers -- Minerva

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Hm, that link isn't showing very well. Here's the URL:


What is bookface?
My silly name for Facebook.

Hi Minerva,

I've just liked your page. Can you please like mine?



Many Thanks,  Karen from  Australia :))

Done, Karen -- thanks!

Hi Minerva,

so far you listed me on your page.Than ks :))

Would you mind dropping over to Karen Tyrrell author page and LIKING me there ?

 many thanks,

 Karen :))

I'm glad someone asked about the name. I thought Bookface was a new social network or something. LOL!

I'll check your page out. Good luck to you!


Hi Stacey,

you have a Fabulous website.

Do you have a Facebook author page?

 If so, what is it and I'll "LIKE" It.

hope you'll "LIKE" mine too.

 see above :))



 My sites are




Many Thanks.

Karen :))

Hi Stacy -- I like your website as well. Also like your Bookface page -- my protag is white and her paramour is Aymara (indigenous South American group), so I have an interest in the interracial romance angle... thanks!

Hi Ladies,


Thanks for the kind words. I "liked" both your pages and they look great. I just use my regular facebook page, myself. I started a fan page but I didn't get into it because I do so much through my regular FB page.


Good luck and loved the pages!

Thanks Stacey for liking my page. Sent you a FB invite :))


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