Check out review of my thriller on Huffington Post!

Hi gang,

Forgive my euphoria, but my New Orleans crime thriller just got a nice review on the Huffington Post. Please stop by and check it out!






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Congratulations indeed!
My congratulations!
Thanks Clay ... will let you both know if it results in any sales ...
Very impressive. Congratulations.
Thank you Dana, and thanks for checking it out. Even if I don't get tons of sales from it, they say that visibility and name recognition is half the battle. I'm not sure what the other half is ... maybe luck  :)
Great review, Susan. Congratulations!
Thanks, Mark ... gee if I don't watch out I'm going to be ... (as we used to say in the music biz) internationally unknown!
That's a fantastic review, warmest congratulations on the great press and exposure!
Thanks Lisa, and before I forget ... we're almost neighbors ... I'm just up the Distressway near Bawston!  Maybe we could team up to do an event/signing? somewhere.
Congrats on the great review!
I would be euphoric, too. Congratulations!


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