hi can anyone please suggest me some good comedy heist books...

like the movies ladykillers, welcome to colinwood..must be comedy..must be heist..

thanks in advance

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Check out any of Donald Westlake's Dortmunder books. They're all funny, they're all capers, and Westlake was brilliant.
Yep. Check out The Hot Rock in particular.
Dancing Aztecs by Donald Westlake.  Laugh out loud funny.
I agree. Donald Westlake was the king of crime comedy. You can't go wrong with him.

I hate to toot my own horn...I really do...but my first novel, Nuclear Winter Wonderland, was a comedy heist novel that Booklist gave a starred review...


*whistles innocently*

thank you guys for the suggestions...i sarted with the hot rock

i finished reading 'the hot rock'..i dint feel it interesting or comic(except for the train scene and a couple of scenes)..

i was expecting them to be morons, but they are perfect in their trade except for the major and at last he too proved to be clever.

i felt the story as pretty ordinary and predictable. what are the cops doing..? wren't there investigators at the time?

its just my opinion and thanks again for the suggestions


Ha!  I love that you mention the lack of cops.  Cops don't exist in Donald Westlake's world, whether it be his Dortmunder books or his Parker novels (Personally, I love the Parker novels, but they're not funny).  If you're looking for funny, Elmore Leonard always makes me laugh out loud with his awesome characters.


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