Considering a publicity and marketing company for press on my work.

Any opinions?

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Work hard on social media, which is free, and build up a support base.  I've only been self published for less than 6 weeks, but have seen my sales rise as my number of fb friends increases.  Their "shares" and "reposts" seem to pay dividends.  I must add that I am not a full time professional writer, unlike many of the really great people on this site, so I am happy to be a 99c/99p author.  

Thanks for your input Andrew. However I don't have a facebook account and it appears it would take a great deal of time to acquire a decent amount of friends to achieve what you suggest.



I would sure do my due diligence.  The economics of being a writer can be pretty tough and you probably want to see the company has had results in the past for other writers.

I agree 100%. I just wonder why more people wouldn't pursue this course of action for their work.  Of course the expense can be a problem but is that it?

It never worked for me.  When I was traditionally published, it became clear that I didn't have the money to do what the publisher should have done. My meager (but costly) efforts did nothing. These days, I'm self-published and the most important mantra I have learned from my colleagues is that the money is supposed to flow to the author, not the other way around.

I should add that there are thousands of people trying to make a living off self-published authors. One of the recent wrinkles is promotion of freebies. I got burned there a couple of times, and that included the Amazon sponsored promotion. Beware! 

Thank you.  That was along the lines of info I was seeking.


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