Crime Novels with Female Protagonists and Side-kicks

I'm looking for modern crime novels which have female protagonists and a female side kick.

I love to read fast-paced books by Katherine Howell, Marianne Delacourt and Janet Evanovich.

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I have a female protagonist, but no sidekick.  Mystery with lots of suspense.


 I sent my crime faction, Sayonara  to an Australian publisher last week. The main character and side kick are both female.

Based on a true story. Our Japanese student vanished.


Your book sounds fab, Pepper. Good luck with your book.

Are you familiar with SJ Rozan's books in which she alternates the POV character between her female Chinese-American detective Lydia Chin and her partner Bill Smith?  Have you read Laurie R. King's series with the female police detective Kate Martinelli?

Hi John,

 MI can't say that I have. But I will look into those authors. Thanksfor the tips.

Sayonara, my crime faction has three POV's as well :))


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