my interest in reading crime books again was sparked by an ad I saw for a book recently boasting a female who kills purely for pleasure. I dont remember the name of the book, so Im wondering if any of you know of books where:


a) a female is the killer


b) the female killer does what she does for pleasure



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Yep some of my stories have and will continue to have female killers. They didn't necessarily kill for pleasure but for things they wanted and needed. But I feel like most killers who kill more than once get some gratification out of it or else they wouldn't keep doing it.

Best Wishes!
I'm looking for a British mystery fiction author's name, male, first book published after 2000 . I glanced at a book in the library,and here's what I know -   - Main person is a woman police detective in Yorkshire, Bradford or Huddersfield. She transferred there after serving in CO19, after an incident where she killed 3 hostage takers. She has a teenage daughter. They live  with a Sikh police officer who she wants to leave. She has a brief affair with her new boss,who subsequently dies of a stroke - The book's characterisations were very similar to Stephen Booth's books, but NOT his. -Also NOT Graham Hurley,  NOT Simon Kernick,
 Peter James, Stuart McBride,Mark Billingham,     
 thanks, charlie -if you can help, please email me -< >


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