Out of interest, how many of the people here, who love reading crime fiction, are also authors specialising in crime?

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This is my first novel...okay,okay,okay it's spy fiction but that's kind of crime fiction and my others are all going to be crime novels.

However, some time in the future there will be a follow up to this one, called Our Friends in Berlin

Great cover, Tom!

Thanks Susan.

Me, except I got a brain tumor after the first book and can't write much fiction at the moment. It hurts a lot and comes out HORROR. (Not good horror either, no worries Stephen!) Instead I'm writing nonfiction, which isn't painful, for art, travel and lifestyle zines while the brain recovers ever so slowly. My publisher says she'll be interested whenever the next book is ready. And I'm driving the neurologists NUTS with all sorts of questions they've never heard before ... such as why most fiction hurts but nonfiction doesn't.

But I still LOVE reading crime fiction. I'm writing a column for Hitchcock's birthday of suspense reads so y'all send me your recent crime fiction suspense faves (must be on the shelf in Oklahoma as well as in e-formats). Nothing is more fun than a slightly crossed genre.

Wow Lucie sorry to hear your news.

I'm an avid crime fiction reader and since 2008, I've written four books in my New Orleans crime thriller series, featuring NOPD detective Frank Renzi. Having done a significant amount of research to write the novels, I began blogging about true crime cases. DARK DEEDS: Serial killers, stalkers and domestic homicides. 

Susan, I love New Orleans and grew up partly in Slidell. I always thought that area perfect for crime fiction. Good luck with your books. I'll look them up.

Thanks, Lucie. I lived in Metairie from 2001 until 2010 when I moved back to Boston area. Still miss New Orleans. Made a lot of friends there and there's always something happening. Great scene for writers, many conferences, etc.

Hi tom,

I am, I'm currently half way through my first novel, which is called following shadows.  I'm really enjoying it!!

Sam, if your enjoying reading it too you're doing something right.


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