I'm wondering how important it is to you as a reader to know details about authors.  Do you care?  Author Anne Perry was convicted of murder as a teenager, does that make a difference in whether or not you read her murder mysteries?  Does an author have to have a background in crime or criminology to be qualified to write crime?  As an author of crime fiction with absolutely no background in crime myself, I of course have to say no, it's fiction.  I do research to make sure I get details right, and I'm not writing complex police procedurals.  What do the rest of you think?


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I do not think it is important to now about the author but it is always interesting. I find if I do not like an author I have met I try to avoid their books.I sometimes think this is not to bright. With my late wife I attending many Bouchercons in America and chaired the London Bouchercon 1990 which was the first time the convention had left the shores  of America


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