There are times when ideas and direction come slowly but then there are others when you find yourself on a roll. It is like reading a good book when everything flows and you just don't want to stop, The story seems to be writing itself.  Do you have those moments when you just don't want to stop. If so would you miss something you are supposed to do to carry on writing and have you got in trouble because of it?

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Very rare moments. I only tend to lose track of the time and burn food in the kitchen. Alas, mostly I write about a page and have to stop and do something else.

It happens to me once in a while, not routinely. When drafting, I have a set amount of work to do each day. I'm allowed to write more, but I have to do at least that much. Two or three times a book I find myself at the permissible stopping point and on a roll, and I write until that idea or scene has played itself out, but it's not like I stay up late into the night, or anything. I find I get better results when i don't hurry, maybe write enough of the next idea to set it in my mind overnight, which often leads me to better ways to develop that idea.

Never really hard, unfortunately. I too have a set amount of words every day and some times do go over them to finish a scene. I certainly wouldn't worry about being on a roll though and not stopping. Especially if you are on a 1st draft. Thank your lucky stars that you have them.

Yes I do, but after  this happened a few times, I found a good closing sentence and started a new chapter. It is much easier than it sounds



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