I know I am sometimes a pain in the butt ... but does everyone know they have an INBOX where others can send them private messages?


I have sent messages to several people that I haven't heard back from and with no indicator showing whether it has been read ... I am wondering if I am being ignored or some don't know?


If you aren't aware of it ... at the right side under the main header bar there is a smal box with you name with a list of items, one being "inbox". If you have mail in there, there will a number in parens showing how many.





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Agree, Garry. It's a great way to take private discussions private and learn a great deal from one another.
Some people don't come here very often. Some have their boxes set not to receive mail. And sometimes people just don't notice the little box that says they've got mail. You can always try leaving a comment on their comment wall, or a little note saying you've sent them something in a thread they're active in if you know they're coming here regularly.
that's right! I forgot about the comment wall. Another good connection.
Well, now I do---thanks, Garry! And it seems I did have a message!
Dear God, I had no idea. I have 44 e-mails in there. I'd better get busy. Apologies all around.

Thanks much, Garry!
I might even be one of that 44 ... "giggle"

Well, I think I did answer something od yours, but it was on my page.
Comment Wall? There's a comment wall? I've been wondering how I got all those mails. I've always answered those who posted to my page.
The place on your personal page where people post comments is the comment wall. The emails are a separate messaging system.
Phew! I read all 44 messages and answered all the personal ones. Late, very late! Of course, some of this was spam, but I really hated missing some others.

Apologies again.
I respond if they're directed to me, but I admit I ignore them (and maybe delete the sender as a friend) if it's self-promo spam.
Hi Garry,

I am one of those folks who doesn't pop in every single day and even when I do, I only come to the forum. I don't check my inbox every time I get on. I'll see if you sent me a message and if I didn't answer, don't take it personally. I'd never ignore someone who asked me a question. I also get TONS of spam on this site. Does anyone else? I am not blaming the Crimespace folks, it's NIng's fault. I get so much spam from my Ning groups it's one reason why I don't check my inbox most of the time in any of my Ning groups. Overloaded by spam.

I feel just like Robin does. If it's not directed to me personally, I don't even read it. You can tell the group mailings from the single ones. All I see in my inbox is invitations to read blogs and go to sites, etc.

Most people who write me will put "Hey Stacy" or something in the subject line. That's how I know it's just for me.

Glad you're enjoying yourself here.

Best Wishes!



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