Loving this TV show on DVD! I dig it so much that I don't want to even touch the novels. Any fans out there?

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Agreed! Blackthorne is excellent. Novels are good too, but I think the show is better.
I was at the bookstore and a guy I did not know walked up to me and said, "watch the tv show Dresden Files, and you will not want to read these" and walked away.

So I guess I will have to watch it. Wonder if its on HULU yet?
I like the books pretty well. Jim Butcher's skills have grown over time. He's best when he's not crunched by deadlines for both of his series at once.

Here's an incidental: I lived in Chicago and the settings please me.

I have to say that DEAD BEAT is one of his best and contains the best plot-pun I've ever come across.

The cast for the tv series was wonderful, it's true. The adaptations were a bit different from the novels. No harm done, some things gained. Once again SciFi Channel decided stupid was better and canceled a growing concern.


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