eFiction Magazine is launching a new genre magazine entitled eFiction Noir, and we are now accepting submissions for the inaugural issue.  We are looking for compelling, well-written mysteries, thrillers and crime fiction from both young and seasoned authors alike, and we would love it if you could contribute.

Please visit our site at http://www.efictionmag.com/noir/ for more information. 

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Well; that's intriguing, Eugene.

Let me ask,  from your tags and the little hat on the title, it looks like you want noir focused on crime.  Is that the case, or do you like a wider range of theme/topic?

Cammy, crime is the general focus, but we are always willing to explore all topics and themes as long as they carry the pessimistic and darker tone that is typical of the noir genre.

Well, I always try to keep an upbeat attitude about pessimism.  :-)

Thanks, Eugene

Intriguing. I dunno if my short stories would qualify though.

There's no harm in submitting. We love reading new works.

I might give it a go. 1 of my few shorts is still out with another mag though, and the one that might most qualify, I am not sure if I like it enough just yet. And I also presume you don't publish already published works, correct? But I'll see if I can find something that'll fit into the submission guidelines.

Attaboy, be pessimistic.  :-)

I try to balance my pessimism and my hopeful sides. ;)

You guys, I'm loving all this pessimism; this is making for fantastic noir.

Jonathan, we do accept simultaneous submissions and do not ask for any rights to your work. We just want to print quality stories and help writers build their portfolios. It doesn't matter to us if your story is under consideration elsewhere.

Well, I might give it a go with one of them.

Thanks for sharing.  Very exciting!


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