The WSJ has a very good and perhaps provocative article about popular culture, Elmore Leonard, and some TV series. Some will agree with the premise; others might be pig-biting mad. But a good read. Thoughts? (Hope I got the link in there correctly.) Lee Lamothe

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You mean reality shows like "Survivor" are not high art? Seems to me those tall poles, the burning fires, all those dangerous locations are very symbolic of our times, the characters a perfect representation -- a mini panorama -- of our base, self-centered, acquisitive and thus doomed culture: High art, in other words, right up there with Cormac McCarthy. I'm joking, but isn't it possible some critic might say something similar two hundred years from now?

Breathtaking is a great adjective for Elmore's best stuff, Susan. His dialogue, the smart clever things people say, just blows me away sometimes.

I agree, Jack. And sometimes the best part is when he has the characters think one thing and say something completely different. Like the Indian in Killshot. My first EL book, and I recently re-read it. Still fresh, still hilarious and, well, even poignant sometimes.


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