Anyone have suggestions for a few good, established female crime writers?

I've realized that I have never read any crime fiction by women and would like to try some. My tastes tend to run to the noir/neo-noir and hard-boiled genres (Pelecanos, Bruen, Ellroy, Huston, Burke, etc) so if anyone can suggest female writers in that vein, that would be great.

So far, I'm thinking Alafair Burke, Sara Paretsky and Sue Grafton. I'd appreciate any other ideas.


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I also like Patricia Highsmith, Megan Abbott, and Denise Mina. I'd add Lynda La Plante and a writer from Iceland Yrsa Sigurdardottir. I also like Laura Lippman.
I'm so happy to see you in the thread, Jane, and happy we connected here. I would probably read anything you told me to because I think our tastes are similar. I look forward to checking out the authors you've mentioned here who are unknown to me. I also see you've mentioned Jo Nesbo's latest on your page and will likely be getting that as well. Take care.
If you like cozies in the Miss Marple style you'll love Veronica heley's Ellie Quicke series.  MURDER MY NEIGHBOUR, her 13th book in the series is just out.  Veronica was recently a guest on my blog where she explored the mother-daughter conflict between Ellie and her impossible daughter Diana.  you can read all about it here:
Thank you Donna, and what a great blog concept!
yes, delving so deeply into her character's personalities and backgrounds makes an interesting article for both readers and writers and shows why Veronica Heley's books have been so successful.


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