For an emerging author (sounds like I'm crawling out of a dark hole), one of the biggest challenges is getting reviews published.  I hate the idea of paying for a "professional" review.  I had a really bad experience in that space with my last novel.  (The reviewer obviously just read the book blurb on amazon and reformatted the same information.  Then, when I complained, they assigned a second reviewer, who read the first chapter and then wrote a review including details about the characters that all came from the first chapter of the book.  Sure, they gave me a 5-star rating, but it was bullmanure.)

So, what ideas do folks have?  Where are the secret places to go to find reader/reviewers who will post honest feedback and reviews?  I'm running a give-away on Goodreads that will put 100 Kindle copies in the hands of readers, which I hope will generate at least a few reviews. What else can I do?  I will greatly appreciate all suggestions. Thanks.

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