Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Swedish vs US version?

I just saw the US version yesterday. I liked the actors and the acting was fine, but in some places it seemed rushed, and the ending was not clear at all (regarding Harriet). Any thoughts?

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No glow in the dark fireflies?  Well, that settles it. I know Mafia guys that glow in the dark ...

Thanks for the suggestion though ... And check out my Dimwit Criminal post ... ya might like it ...

Dimwit Criminals

God that whole Islam acid-throwing, woman killing thing drives me wild.  I just come unglued over that shit.  Let me at 'em.   I'd LOVE to get hold of one of those fuckers.

I liked the post.  I have a similar list in my "book"... The BoyFriend Shooters Hall of Fame.

Sorry to say, I've always hung around criminals.  I have a soft-spot for brutal killers, I'm afraid.  But that's kind of mindless violence.  I don't think I've ever known a criminal who could plan something without screwing it up.  

Yeah, the acid throwing thing drove me wild. That's why I decided to have Frank lighten up with the dimwit criminals post.

I like brutal killers okay, in films and books. Real life? Not so much.

On some thread or other I said I totally loved Javier Bardim in No Country For Old Men. Man, was he great, or WHAT!! And people were jumping all over me, oh how could like someone like that he was so awful, blah blah blah. Awful? Yeah. that's what made him so fascinating.

Or maybe I just like to live dangerously ...


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