Happy to say I won a copy of the new Dana King crime novel, "Grind Joint," in a recent contest.

I was looking forward to this one anyway; now I'm going to get it a few days early.

It's published by Stark House which has a roster of some of the greatest (and my favorite) crime fiction writers of all time.  Just to have your name listed alongside their's--WOW!  And with a blurb like, "...body of a drug dealer is dumped on Casino steps...," I think it will be right up my dark reading alley. 

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Congrats to both of you!!!

Hope you like it as much as I did, Jed. It's really good. Dana dropped an ARC on me at Bouchercon and I read it on the airplane headed out. I gave it a great review and it was well deserved. I went thru it in two days, like an Elmore Leonard or a Robert Crais (my favorites). Best cop dialogue I can remember. His two cop cousins are wonderful characters -- Doc and Nick.

Congrats to you and Dana!


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