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Recently I started a discussion here about humor and whether it belongs in a hard-boiled thriller or noir.  I've just written a blog post about it and if you've got the time, check it out and give me your thoughts. Thanks

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I always try to incorporate some humor into my Nicholas Colt thrillers, and if you read one you'll see that they're definitely hard-boiled. I LOVE humor in thrillers. Even in horror. Stephen King is one of the funniest authors I've ever read.

Thanks, Jude. I think Stephen King is funny, too.

I dig humor in anything as long as the humor "fits" the mood the story sets. The hunor in a movie like Pulp Fiction is organic and fits the serious tone. At the same time I don't have a problem with campy/tongue in cheek humor if the story presented itself as that to begin with.


Thanks, Jemir. My sentiments exactly.

Hi Victoria, lovely to make your acquaintance and to see all these other crime-lovin' hooligans out and about.

I don't think you should ever have a high-tension genre like hard-boiled or noir without at least some small measure of humor. As much as with horror, humor serves to defuse and diffuse the ramping of tension in a piece, allowing the author to take it to higher and higher levels before the payoff. My own work is always infused with a little funny to offset the misery and bleak destruction of the human condition - or just to get a few cheap laughs.

Thanks, Alex. Great insight.


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