I'm brand new to the site, but it truly is a pleasure to be a part of.  It looks great, and what a cool concept. 

Anyway, drop me a line.  Let me know who's out there and what you're up to.  I'm always looking to make new connections in the literary world or hear about talented people who are breaking through.  Good luck, and stay safe. 

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Welcome aboard, Bernard. Yu'll have a good time here. Lots of nice and knowledgeable people, of which I am neither. But there are lots of others.
Hi Dana.  Thank you for the welcome.  Always glad to meet another decidely non-nice person.  Makes the pretense so much easier to do away with, right?

Dana is one of our favorite members!  He's both nice and knowledgeable.  :)


Welcome!  Tell us a little about yourself.

Thank you, I.J. 


Let's see...I'm a police detective in the suburban Philadelphia area, and have a few writing credits for various publications.  Nothing impressive though, but I am certainly trying.  How about you?  

I write a historical series set in 11th c. Japan.  Also short stories sometimes.

Are you writing police procedurals?

God no...but I like your area of focus.  My last published piece was set in feudal Japan.  The book we're shopping now is a historical fiction piece. 


My modern police tales will have to wait until after I retire, I think.  I'll need time and distance to separate myself from what I've seen. 

I totally understand that!  Feudal Japan is a fascinating time also.  So far, I've stopped with the Heike Wars.

I did.  I'm with Crosswinds Agency, but now that I think about it, I certainly hope nobody would take offense to that term.  By shopping I meant, they are reaching out to publishers to see if they are interested, and I'm going completely batshit crazy hoping someone will say yes. 


I thought "shopping" was the technical term for it.  :)

Glad to have u aboard.  Where are u at in Philadelphia?  My brother and sister in-law moved out there a year ago.  They love the school system but hate the traffic.  

I'm in Bucks County, now.  Have always lived in the Philadelphia area (Including the Mayfair section of the city in the Northeast), except fot the two years I spent living in Manhattan as a kid.  Traffic is unbelievable out here. 

Hi Bernard,

Greetings from another in the business - I'm a prosecutor in Austin, Texas.  My wife is from Philly, does that count as another connection?!  I write international crime and am also waiting for good news from an eager publisher.  Any eager publisher.  Bueller?  Anyway, welcome to the site. :)


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